There has been a road link across the River Severn since 1966, allowing for safe and easy passage between Wales and England. As the level of traffic increased, the original M48 Severn Bridge was no longer able to cope efficiently with the congestion. Investigating the best location and planning of the layout for new approach roads for a Second Severn Crossing commenced in 1986. Work on the Second Severn Crossing (renamed to the Prince of Wales Bridge July 2018) began in 1992 and was completed in 1996.

Highways England aims to provide the best possible service to all users of the M48 Severn Bridge and M4 Price of Wales Bridge and we oversee the operations of both, ensuring that, due to the high volume of traffic using both crossings, they are regularly inspected, maintained and any necessary repairs undertaken.

Our Traffic Officer Service patrols the bridges and our operational teams ensure that customers can cross safely.

Additional information on the M48 Severn Bridge and M4 Prince of Wales Bridge can be found at: