Frequently Asked Questions

Although using a Severn TAG is quick and simple, there may be a few outstanding questions you have.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you need assistance with any aspect of your TAG feel free to contact us on 01454 633522 or email


Can I access my TAG account online?
Great news - all of our TAG Accounts can be accessed online.  Using your TAG Account number as your username and your postcode (in capitals including the space) as your password you are able to log on by selecting 'Balance and Account info' from the Severn Tag menu on our website.  From here you are able to download statements and invoices and check your TAG balance.


How will I know when the credit on my TAG is low?
At each lane of every single toll booth on both bridges there are a set of traffic lights.  At the bottom of the traffic lights there is an amber light.  This will illuminate with the word 'low' - this indicates you have reached your low balance level.  Alternatively, you can access your account online for up to date balance information.


How do I pay?
Season and Shared Tags require a Direct Debit to be set up, Trip TAGs can also be paid by Direct Debit, however you can top your TAG up with a credit or debit card via our website and your account is credited with your top up within 1 working day. Alternatively you can call the dedicated TAG Top Up phone number on 0843 353 5056. Calls to this line cost 5p per minute from UK Land lines and may cost more from mobile phones.


What if I no longer need my TAG?
If at any time you wish to cancel your contract, please follow the close down process outlined here.


What if my Tag stops working?
If your Tag stops working at any time, please contact us via email at to let us know. Simply let us know your Tag number from the sticker on the back of your Tag and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent out. In the meantime, if you take your Tag to a toll booth that accepts all methods of payment, the member of staff will be able to manually enter your Tag details to allow you to cross.


Can I use my TAG in different vehicles?
If you have a Season Tag, your Tag is registered to a specific vehicle and cannot be changed. If you have a Trip TAG, you may use your TAG on a vehicle of the same classification.