Comments & Complaints

Your comments and complaints are essential and help us review and improve our service. And while we try our utmost in ensuring you safe and timely passage across either the M48 Severn Bridge and M4 Price of Wales Bridge, occasionally events outside of our control affect your service.

If you have a comment or complaint, please contact us. Queries can often be settled quickly and easily by contacting our Customer Services department.


How do I make a complaint?

If you’ve already spoken to us and your issue hasn’t been resolved, you can register your complaint:

By Telephone: 01454 635056

By Email:

By Post:
Severn River Crossing Plc
Cofiroute UK Ltd

Toll Administration Building
Bridge Access Road
South Gloucestershire
BS35 4BE


What happens next? 
We will investigate your complaint and aim to respond within 15 working days.


What if my complaint isn’t resolved? 
If you’re not completely satisfied with the response, you can ask for the Revenue Manager to review your case, who will respond in writing within 15 working days.


What if you’re still unhappy?
You can ask for your complaint to be referred to our Chief Executive Officer. Review by our Chief Executive Officer is the final stage of the Severn River Crossing PLC complaints process.  


Severn River Crossing Plc is not regulated under the Road User Charging Schemes Regulations 2014, but directly managed by the Department for Transport.